Jonathan H. Witerover.

2020年6月26日 1 min

HCI网络研讨会:建立敏捷领导,推动成功的变更管理,W / Michaela Lindinger

在这个HCI网络研讨会中,WESTOVER博士与Michaela Lindinger谈论,了解敏捷领导能力和能力,以推动成功的变革管理计划。

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Michaela Lindinger (// is founder & CEO of braininspa, an executive sparring and employee experience company, guiding visionary leaders to maximize their healthy high performance with more clarity, productivity and passion. Michaela worked with Fortune 500 organizations around the world on digital strategies and large scale change projects, value creation and product as well as process innovations in multi-million-dollar projects. She has also worked with several startups and corporate talents to prepare their mindset for the digital transformation and adjusting their business models to become agile and purpose-driven. Michaela is a millennial serial founder (3x CEO / Co-Founder) and experienced corporate executive, mompreneur, author and university lecturing professor for innovation and business models since the age of 29, a member of the international Forbes Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. She holds an international Business Masters Degree from Austria and a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology from the UK/London.; [email protected]

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