Jonathan H. Witerover.

2020年6月5日 1 min

HCI网络研讨会:个人和直播吧发展的领导力,与Chuen Chuen Yeo

在这个HCI网络研讨会上,WESTOVER博士与Chuen Chuen Yeo谈论的是个人和直播吧发展和增长的领导力。

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Chuen Chuen Yeo (// is a multi-award-winning executive coach who raises the quality of leadership in every organization by developing agility. Honored with accolades and praise for her outstanding work over the years, she was named “Woman Super Achiever” and one of "Top 101 Global Coaching Leaders" at the 28th World HRD Congress. She is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), John Maxwell Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, Agile Certified Coach and Conscious Business Coach. She works with business executives enabling leadership development in organizations, and excels at organizational mindset shifts and creating learning solutions for companies around the globe. Her clients hail from more than 30 countries and are mostly from Fortune 500 companies. A satisfied client has described the coaching experience with her as "transformational" and "life-changing". Some even said it is "the only program leaders need to do". Chuen Chuen has also authored a book "8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility", a collection of stories of transformations using a 4-step, Re4 Coaching Model she has developed. She believes the agility mindset is the key to enabling deep and effective transformations in organizations and wanted to write a book which is useful and immediately implementable. Her book was recently rated 5 Stars by Readers' Favorite. The 4-step coaching model presents an easy pathway which shifts mindsets for leaders to make the quantum leap. To get the book: To hear real insights from industry leaders on agility and paradoxes:

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