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2020年6月12日 1 min

HCI网络研讨会:正念作为焦点,和平和喜悦的驾驶员,与Joree Rose


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Joree Rose, MA, LMFT (// is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher, coach, author, speaker, and she also leads mindfulness retreats around the world. Joree has helped thousands of people to live happier and more fulfilling lives through living with greater awareness and compassion, allowing them to decrease their stress, anxiety and shed unhealthy habits, patterns and mindsets. Joree is host of the podcast ‘Journey Forward with Joree Rose’ and has authored 2 mindfulness books, Squirmy Learns to be Mindful and Mindfulness, It’s Elementary, and has been featured in,, Business Insider, KTLA News, and more!

要了解更多,或与Joree一起使用,请访问; 跟随她的IG:@Joreerose; 在fb上关注她:@ joreerose33

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